Kaituna / Wairoa Combo
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Kaituna / Wairoa Combo

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Kaituna image

Combining two of the most exciting rivers in New Zealand together for the most epic day of Rafting ever. You'll raft the challenging and intense boulder gardens and waterfalls of the grade 5 Wairoa in the morning, followed by a quick lunch. Then sink deep into the magical warm waters of the Kaituna, and experience the world’s tallest commercially rafted waterfall face first!

Two completely different rivers in one EPIC day of rafting - not to be missed!

Please note: Dates are unavailable at present and are to be confirmed at a later date. (The river only flows on certain Sundays and there is only 26 days over the summer period they will open the dam for us to go rafting).

Price: NZ$199.00 per person (Includes lunch).
Duration: Departing Rotorua 8.30am and returning around 4pm.
Availability: Due to Wairoa being Dam release, this is combo tour only runs 26 days per year, every Sunday during summer months, with some Spring and Autumn releases too.
What to bring: Sense of adventure, bathing suit / shorts and towel.
What we provide: The best guides on the river, custom built rafts, wetsuits, helmets, lifejackets, paddles, fleece tops, wetsuit booties and splash jackets.
Location: Wairoa River - State Highway 29 - Tauranga, and Kaituna River - Okere Falls, Rotorua
Conditions: 13+ only.